"Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a function." ---Unknown

Our Pricing Guarantee: (Please review our guidelines page for what your visit can include.) As long as we have determined your visit requirements can be completed in 30 minutes without compromising the quality of the visit(s) , you will never be charged for more than our time to complete the highest quality service. This guarantee means we will not charge you more for extra dogs, cats or other animals. We do not charge extra to give medication or diabetic injections.

Initial Consultation & Key Pick Up
No charge

Daily Dog Walk / Pet Visit (regularly scheduled weekly walks) $15.50 / visit

Occasional Pet Visits / Walks
$16.50 / visit

Vacation Care
$16.50 / visit

Overnight Care (10 hours)
$65 / night

Extended Visit Charge
$7 / 15 min

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Phone: 610-202-4655

E-mail: jalessi@aboutdogsncats.com

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