During your visit you will always have these courtesies available to you:

1. A 25-30-minute visit period with walks, playtime, feeding, fresh water and HUGS! (please note the 5 minute window is to allow for bad weather conditions, road delays, and extended visit requirements (i.e. sick animals, etc.)) 
2. Clean up after your pet (in the yard, during walks, litter box etc.)
3. Mail, newspapers and packages will be brought in the house.
4. Houseplant or Outdoor plants watered (at your request)
5. Trash Out and In.
6. Indoor/Outdoor Lights turned on/off/rotated.
7. Clean up of usual messes
8. A phone call or email of our visit (at your request)
9. A note left after every visit.
10. Medication and Diabetic Injections given at no extra cost (as needed).

It is requested as a courtesy to About Dogs N Cats, you as the client:

1. Give us as much notice as possible when booking or changing your service.
2. Notify us of ANY changes regarding your pet’s care or other changes to your service requirements.
3. Give notification if any one else will be in the house while your pet is in our care.
4. Make certain we have access to your home with a key, garage code, door opener, etc.
5. Contact us if you will be home earlier than your schedule ending date.

Please also review this list of items to have available for us:
  1. Food and Treats
  2. Leash/Collar in good condition with ID and tags
  3. Poop/Litter Bags for cleanups
  4. Toys
  5. Litter and Scooper
  6. Brush and Comb
  7. Towels for drying your pet after wet walks/outings
  8. Paper Towels, Cleaning supplies
  9. Garbage Bags
  10. Any Special Instructions
  11. A phone number to reach you, and an updated emergency contact

Contact Us Today!


Phone: 610-202-4655

E-mail: jalessi@aboutdogsncats.com

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